The purposes of Metabolism Foundation are:

1. To research physiological pathways and their products in order to gain new information about organismal metabolism.

2. To educate scientists in the areas of primary and secondary metabolism.

The immediate objectives of Metabolism Foundation include:

1. To establish agreements with local institutes and organizations for collaborative research.

2. To review the literature and determine potential for research of chlorophyll biosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, phenylpropanoid and terpenoid metabolism, bioremediation, and other areas relating to plant production and physiology.

3. To write, review, and submit grant proposals for agencies supporting research in the areas outlined in (2) above and agreed upon by (1) above.

4. To recognize outstanding scientists for their efforts relating to metabolism research.

5. To solicit scientists interested in affiliating with Metabolism Foundation and circulate a newsletter for exchange of information and recognition of scientific work.

For more information, contact the Executive Director,
Metabolism Foundation,
622 Leatherwood Circle, Edmond, OK 73025.